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AAA VR Cinema 1.4.4 supported Facebook 360 video format

You can enjoy Star Wars 360 video, that published to Facebook 360 video exclusively, in AAA VR Cinema with VR mode.
Facebook introduced 360 Video on Facebook with Star Wars 360 video.
We want to enjoy the 360 video with headset, so we added the support for Facebook 360 video format :)
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Please select "Facebook 360 (VR)" or "Facebook 360" mode for Facebook 360 movie.
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Star Wars official Facebook account ( published an immersive 360 video that can be played within Facebook Web and Android app.
The Facebook introduced new 360 video format like following image.
It has 6 areas such as front, back, left, right, top and bottom.
AAA VR Cinema supported this video format in version 1.4.4.
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